Olya Polyakova surprised with an unexpected duet


July 14, 2022, 13:08 | Culture

It is not yet known when the presentation of the composition will take place, but fans are already waiting.

< img class="aligncenter" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/olja-poljakova-zdivuvala-nespodivanim-duetom-ad780bc.jpg" alt="Olya Polyakova surprised with an unexpected duet" />

< p>Polyakova on the air of the program “Morning with 1+1” told that she is preparing a duet composition with Artem Pyvovarov, informs Ukr.Media.

"It will be such a cool collab, I have already listened to the song. It will be a very powerful and cool young artist,' Polyakova was intrigued at first, and then confirmed the presenters' guesses that it would indeed be Artem Pyvovarov.

"He made cool music, he is very powerful and the track will be cool. I will not say anything more, you will hear everything yourself. Tomorrow we start filming the music video,

– added Olga.

However, the singer did not tell when fans should expect the duet song to be released.


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