Omicron Variant: Where Could It Come From?


The origin of the Sars-CoV-2 variant that overwhelmed the planet at record speed is still a mystery. Several hypotheses stand out. I subscribe for 1€ for the 1st month

It appeared at the beginning of November 2021 like a devil from its box, taking the world by surprise. The Omicron variant stunned scientists. Faith as a virologist, we had never seen that. “It is very different from the variants that preceded it. It carries many more mutations. Just 37 on Spike Protein! exclaims Sophie Le Poder, professor of virology at the Maison-Alfort Veterinary School and coordinator of the MuseCov scientific project, dedicated to the monitoring and evolution of coronaviruses in animals. “Obviously, we wondered. How could he possibly emerge? Certainly, new coronaviruses can appear by a phenomenon called recombination, that is to say a mixture of two already existing viruses meeting in the same host. It's not a priori