On New year’s cried a lot for a Soloist KAZKA shared memories of childhood

Thanks to the song “Crying” group KAZKA has gained crazy popularity far beyond the borders of Ukraine. Behind the scenes of the Christmas show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”, which channel “Ukraine” will show on the evening of 31 December, the soloist of group Alexander zaritska admitted that more than once brought her to tears.

На Новый год сильно плакала: Солистка KAZKA поделилась воспоминаниями о детстве

In an exclusive interview to journalists of the channel “Ukraine” zaritska told why before the New year celebration was a real challenge for her:

“In my childhood was a lot of this, remember that on New year I cried a lot. I don’t know why. I guess I now karma caught up with the song “Cry”. I didn’t like that we went with my parents to the fireworks. All hung out, celebrated, and we had that 12 parents have already slept.”

However, warm memories of childhood Sasha linked with creativity:

“In kindergarten I was a snowflake, like everyone else. But I’m a very long time, seven years was engaged in dances. And I remember all the holidays we had “Chunga-Changa”, a small “negritoski” (but now it sounds awful), ducks… I’m more of the dances I remember,” – said the soloist of group “KAZKA” Alexander zaritska show backstage “from Ukraine, 20-ti!”.

Recall that the producer of the holiday show “from Ukraine, 20-ti!” was Herman Nenov. For each artist the project team has prepared a brilliant performance. Spectators waiting rooms with the use of modern multimedia technology, augmented reality, mass production with the participation of more than fifty people. Many of the rooms will be very risky and even dangerous. The production of the ambitious project has been the company Star Media.

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