On November 1, something unusual may await us at the cemeteries. This may surprise many visitors

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All Saints and All Souls' Day soon.

 On November 1 something unusual may be waiting for us at the cemeteries. It may surprise many visitors

preparations and plans for the All Saints' Day and cleaning up the graves of our ancestors.

Exotic flowers on graves? This may surprise many visitors

As we remember, in previous years, the celebration of the Day of the Dead was different, due to government decisions related to restrictions. No wonder then that people who want to quietly devote themselves to the celebration and celebration of All Saints, already bother with the provision of various decorations and candles.

In the case of using artificial flowers to create headpieces and wreaths does not have the slightest problem with durability, but according to experts from one of the florists, it is a German custom to create round wreaths from dried plants.

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Carnations are a frequent choice, they are also durable and tolerate the cold well. Customers who care about original decorations choose exotic flowers. Some of them, such as the phenomenal protea, although they come from warm countries, are resistant to lower temperatures – said a florist from a Warsaw florist.

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Many may be surprised by the fashion coming from Germany, but there are still many older models of tombstones that give you the opportunity to plant live plants for ; re create beautiful flower beds when properly selected and cared for. They must, above all, be resistant to low temperatures and have different access to water.

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