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This island is of great interest to scientists: its inhabitants break records for longevity.

Behind the postcard landscape, its idyllic beaches and its turquoise water praised every summer; by the tourists who flock there, an island in the Mediterranean attracts numerous studies and experts. This island is in fact part of the "Blue zones", a category of gory of regions where the inhabitants demonstrate astonishing longevity. Only five were released. identified all over the world, the best known of which is undoubtedly the island of Okinawa in Japan. But there are others in Europe, two precisely including this famous island in the Aegean Sea.

We actually take you to Greece, to the island of Ikaria. Severe; low, no less than one in three inhabitants reaches the canonical age of 90 and seems to defy time. Of course, their standard of living, their habits, their rhythm have been affected. This has been particularly studied in recent years and several major conclusions have emerged. The first is now known: the benefits of the famous Cretan diet, or more broadly of Mediterranean cuisine, have been demonstrated. mentioned many times.

But that's not enough! Yes, the inhabitants of Ikaria generally consume more fruits, vegetables, cereals or legumes than the average but they also consume mainly goat's milk at the place of cow's milk. The pace of life is also noticed by experts who note the generalization of the siesta among the locals.

The most striking and original point, however, is not the food, far from it. Experts have noticed that the inhabitants who live the longest in Ikaria generally have one thing in common: they do not live on the coast, or at the edge of the magnificent beaches but further back on the island. However, this one, like many Greek islands, is very hilly. The inhabitants are therefore "forced" to do more sport every day, as soon as they travel, particularly to garden or visit relatives.

Experts have noted that that the deans of Ikaria take particular care in their friends and their family, having a rather rich social life which takes them to the next level. move around. Food, activity physical, sociability… So many helping hands to become a centenarian and which brings happiness to the inhabitants of Ikaria.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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