On which day of the week is it best to repay debts, and on which day to take them


February 14, 2022, 17:10 | Business

Payment on the wrong day is dangerous with new loans.

On which day of the week is the best day to repay debts, and on which day to take them

We all love when money comes into our lives, and we are extremely reluctant to part with it. But few people know that there are nuances in debt repayment that will help attract cash flows into your life, informs Ukr.Media.

To do this, it is necessary to pay off debts according to the rules, of which there are many. Before diving headlong into all omens and superstitions, it is worth understanding which days of the week are better to pay off loans and which are not.

Monday — as you know, the day is hard Therefore, it is not suitable for debt repayment. Anyone who decides to pay off a creditor at the very beginning of the week risks calling upon himself the fate of an eternal debtor. Better to wait until the next day.

Tuesday– it's already warmer, but not hot yet. If it is a deadline, and circumstances dictate their own rules, it is possible to return the debt, but it is not desirable. It is not recommended to spend on this day either – there is a possibility that soon you will be asking your friends to help you out.

Wednesday is one of the most favorable days for returning money. But it is not recommended to borrow in the middle of the week: you will take a long and painful time to knock out your blood from the borrower.

Thursday— the best time to pay bills. The money you give on this day will return to you a hundredfold. But you should not deliberately give them out right and left, this rule applies only to the return of debts.

Friday is a bad time to pay off debts. At the end of the working week, negativity accumulates, which can be transferred with banknotes to another person. Yes, and the money is "cheap'yat" – they will not forgive their former owner for making them a carrier of negative emotions.

Saturday is a neutral day. You can lend and return. Most financial transactions on Saturday will be safe and will not ruin you.

Sunday – the last day of the week is not suitable for giving away debts. In general, it is better to refrain from unnecessary manipulations with money and postpone all matters to the next week.

In addition to temporary rules, there are a number of signs that will help you save your fortune. It is better to take money in large bills, and give it in small ones. Do not transfer money in the evening. If you really need to do this, put them on the table, and do not pass them from hand to hand.


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