Oncologist debunked the most common and ridiculous myths about cancer

Oncologist Dean sakaeva debunked the most common and ridiculous myths about cancer. In some of such fallacies people believe that only exacerbates the problem of cancer.

Онколог развенчала наиболее распространенные и нелепые мифы о раке

The medic noted that there are still those who believe that cancer can be contagious. In fact, the presence of tumor does not pose a threat to his environment. Some attempts to treat Oncology are addicted to homeopathy, hoping to get rid of the disease by means of soda, toxic herbs and similar funds does not have any healing properties. Community: allow those suffering from cancer and their relatives are willing to believe questionable information from the Network on a background of shock after diagnosis. Sometimes this advice believe even highly intelligent individual, being in panic.

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