One is less, the other is more. Two huge asteroids are flying towards the Earth and will soon be nearby


    One is smaller, the other is larger. Two huge asteroids are flying towards Earth and will soon be close

    Two space rocks the size of a multi-storey building will approach our planet on Friday night Saturday.

    NASA predicts a close approach, by cosmic standards, with the Earth of two huge asteroids on the night of Saturday July 30th. The time difference between asteroid flybys is only 37 minutes, according to ScienceAlert.

    NASA astronomers report that on the night of Saturday, July 30, namely at 2 a.m. and at 2:37 a.m., Earth will approach two very large asteroids that are potentially dangerous for the Earth.

    NASA constantly monitors the movement of near-Earth asteroids, many of which, due to their flight path and size, can pose a threat to our planet. Even if the astroid flies far enough, there is always a small chance that under the influence of the Earth's gravity, the trajectory of the space rock will change and it will fall on our planet.

    First asteroid

    An asteroid called 2016 CZ31, with a diameter of 122 meters, can be compared to the size of a 40-story building. It will be the first of two potentially hazardous objects to fly past the Earth. This will happen at 2 am Kyiv time on July 30. According to scientists, the flight speed of this asteroid is 55,618 km/h. By comparison, modern jet aircraft can reach speeds of 2,500 km/h.

    One is smaller, the other is larger. Two huge asteroids are flying towards the Earth and will soon be close

    As for its predicted distance from the Earth during a close flyby, it will be 2.8 million km and this is 7 times farther than the Moon is. According to scientists, the asteroid 2016 CZ31 flies to Earth quite often and the next time it will approach the planet at the beginning of 2028.

    Second asteroid

    The second asteroid, called 2013 CU83, is a larger space rock than its previous cousin. Its diameter is 183 meters, which can be compared with the height of a skyscraper. According to NASA forecasts, this asteroid will fly past the Earth at 2:37 a.m. Kyiv time on July 30 at a distance of 6,960,000 km. This is about 18 times farther than the Earth's satellite is. Scientists have calculated that this huge space rock will fly at a speed of 21,168 km/h.

    One is smaller, the other is larger. Two huge asteroids are flying towards the Earth and will soon be close

    Asteroids dangerous for the Earth

    So far, asteroid 2022 NF has approached the closest and most dangerous distance for the Earth this year. It was noticed by scientists only a few days before it flew past the Earth at a distance of 90 thousand km, as Focus already wrote on July 7, 2022. But this asteroid was not classified as potentially dangerous, since its size did not exceed the base size for this value of 100 meters. It was much smaller.

    As Focus already wrote, scientists for some time considered the space rock called 2021 QM1 to be the most dangerous for the Earth to astroids. Preliminary data suggested that it could fall to Earth. But now scientists have found out exactly whether such a collision will occur or not.

    Nasa considers changing the flight path of these stones one of the main methods for planetary protection from asteroids. Whether their expectations regarding the effectiveness of this method will be confirmed will be known this fall. A special DART spacecraft will have to change the direction of the flight of the asteroid Dimorph, with a diameter of 160 meters. But, as Focus already wrote, this mission may not go at all as NASA expects.


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