One of the Canadians repatriated from Syria has been released on bail in B.C.

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One of the Canadian women repatriated from Syria has been released on bail in BC.

Kimberly Polman is back in the country after leaving in 2015. ( Archives)

One of the Canadian returnees from Syria, Kimberly Polman, was released on bail Thursday in British Columbia. The Chilliwack Provincial Court is asking that the woman who left Canada for Syria in 2015 nevertheless submit to several conditions.

The Crown has requested a peace bond public order due to terrorism.

Kimberly Polman will be under 24-hour electronic surveillance at her family's home in Chilliwack and will be living under curfew. She has also promised to follow awareness sessions against violent extremism.

She will also not be able to own a cell phone and will have to stay away from social networks. It is also on Twitter that she had met the one who later became her husband, a fighter of the armed group Islamic State.

Details of today's appearance are subject to a publication ban. An upcoming hearing on the details of the British Columbian's bail application is expected to take place in the coming months.

After leaving for Syria there 7 years old with the aim of getting married, Kimberly Polman found herself in 2019 in a detention camp for the families of the fighters. She was repatriated due to her state of health.

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