“One of the fetuses has Trisomy 21”, Shanna Kress and Jonathan make a difficult decision

““One of the fetuses with Trisomy 21”, Shanna Kress and Jonathan take a heavy decision

Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas received the results of the amniocentesis performed earlier this week. And they made a big decision. We tell you more here.

It's been several weeks since Shann Kress and Jonathan Matijasannounced that they were to become parents. And the young woman is expecting twins! A fairly difficult start to pregnancy for Shanna Kress who had a lot of trouble seeing her body change over the days. At first, she even thought about terminating her pregnancy. But with the support of Jonathan Matijas, Shanna Kress was finally able to come to terms with her baby bump. And as she got better and better, she learned that one of the babies could have Trisomy 21. A blow for the couple. Shanna and Jonathan therefore made the necessary appointments to take a little more advanced tests.

And this Friday, June 10, 2022, Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijasunveiled a new video on their Youtube channel. On it, they give the results of the amniocentesis. And it’s confirmed that one of the babies has Down syndrome. For the two future parents, it’s a shock… They had a small hope that the results would be good. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And the news was very hard to take. But the two lovers were able to count on each other, as well as on the support of their loved ones. They then made a big decision…

It’s the one who signs the stoppage of his heart, it’s not easy.

Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress then decided to stop the heart of the baby with Down syndrome. They realize that they are lucky to have a healthy child. “We are happy to be faced with this truth. Even if it’s not easy, because there’s one of them will have his heart that will stop,’, confides Jonathan Matijas before adding,’ heart failure, it’s not easy. But we do it for our reasons (…) It belongs to us (…) ”. The couple also explains that they do not want to neglect one of the two children, since the other will need more attention. Shanna Kress will also confide that she will surely stop the episodes on her Youtube channel.

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