One of the men guilty of the deaths of Métis hunters is appealing his conviction

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One of the men guilty of the death of Métis hunters is appealing his conviction

Roger Bilodeau was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Roger Bilodeau, 58, was convicted of manslaughter in connection with the deaths of hunters Jake Sansom and Maurice Cardinal.

An Albertan convicted of manslaughter in the deaths of two Métis hunters is appealing the decision and his sentence.

Roger Bilodeau was convicted in May and sentenced to 10 years in prison for the deaths of Jacob Sansom and Maurice Cardinal, who were shot and killed on a rural Alberta road in March 2020.

Roger Bilodeau's son Anthony, who was tried at the same time as his father, was convicted of second degree murder in the death of Maurice Cardinal and convicted of homicide involuntary in the death of Jacob Sansom.

Jacob Sansom (left) and Maurice Cardinal were hunting near Lake Siebert when they were shot. This photo was taken the day they died.

Roger Bilodeau argues that the trial judge failed to properly instruct the jury on one aspect of the Criminal Code.< /p>

At trial, prosecutors argued that Roger Bilodeau took the law into his own hands when he asked his son to bring a gun to fire while he chased the van the victims were driving.

The Crown argued that the father and son were angry because they thought the two hunters were trying to steal them as they hunted moose near Glendon to fill the family's freezer with meat as the COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to close.

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