One of the travel agencies warns tourists and recommends vigilance. Great vacation deals can contain a trap

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Fraudsters have a new way to extort money. This time, tourists looking for holiday offers are in the spotlight.

 One of the travel agencies warns tourists and recommends vigilance. Great vacation offers can contain a trap

Many people are currently looking for favorable vacation offers counting for slightly lower prices of dream destinations in the off-season.

Portal & ldquo; Radio Zet & rdquo; however, warns that not all of them are true and that you need to be very careful about trying to cheat.

Important message

An appeal from the travel agency Itaka appeared on the web, which noticed a disturbing trend on the web. It is about the resale of vouchers and holiday offers. Some of them may be a way of cheating tourists.

& ldquo; More and more often we hear disturbing signals regarding the attempts to resell the voucher or the attractively priced offers of our office. Remember that any advertisement of this type, most often published on auction sites, social networks or internet forums, may turn out to be a scam and will try to extort money & rdquo; & ndash; Itaka explains, asking you to be vigilant.

Resale offers should be approached with a healthy dose of skepticism, and even as the travel agency advises, avoid them. He advises that it is much safer to use the offers of authorized points of sale or website.

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