One Piece Chapter 1052: Wano Enjoy the Peace! Our review

One Piece Chapter 1052: Wano Takes Advantage Of The peace! Our review

Wano is living his best life again in this One Piece Chapter 1052, where the Land of Samurai arc comes to an end, and new challenges are coming their way!

“There you go, it’s over, thank you for suffering with us… “. The people of Wano Kuni after eating 20 years of Orochi and Kaidō are reborn in this chapter, where the dead are counted – Izo, Ashura Doji, Hawkins -, and where we see Luffy and Zoro returning to full form after 7 days. The crew can finally celebrate their stop on the island of Wano Kuni with dignity, with in particular Yamato, incredible teaser, who promises to please Sanji in view of his ability to end up in the men's baths! But if the grand final banquet is brewing, as announced by Momonosuke, the outside world will soon be knocking on the door with the arrival of the last unknown Admiral Ryokugyu, who may have Robin in his sights!

One Piece Chapter 1052: Wano Enjoy Peace! Our Review

Robin will have to be careful

This week's chapter is a nice one, with Yamato promising to be a cool part of the Mugiwara. But if one is hyped for the rapid sequence of events, with the landing of Ryokugyu, the primes of Law, Kid and Luffy considered the new emperors, the fact remains that a certain feeling of a rushed ending prevails. . We know that issue 1053 will be the last of the Wanokuni arc, and of the saga of the emperors, after which Oda will take a one-month break. However, we have Kaidô and Big Mom who have disappeared without any particular explanation, while the crew of the Mama should normally still be around. There is really a taste of a hasty end, while very dispensable stories have been very developed.

A mythical chapter 1053?

We are now waiting for the crazy chapter which is we promised for next week. It must be said that after that, there is only one last saga left, which Oda wants to quickly end. We should thus see a lot of information lining the 15-20 pages that are promised to us, as well as the construction of the premises of the end. Should we expect a big boom?

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