“Only I can do this”: Medvedev said that he personally leads his Telegram (video)

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< p>According to the deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, he has assistants, but they “are afraid to write such a thing.”

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Deputy head of the Security Council and ex-President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev assured that he writes texts for his Telegram channel. He spoke about this on Tuesday, December 6, the TASS agency reports.

According to Medvedev, he has assistants, but they are not engaged in publications on social networks.

“Do you have doubts What am I doing? As you well understand, no one will write such a thing for me, he will just be afraid, he will say: “Are you crazy or something?” Only I can do this,” he commented.

At the same time, the Russian politician called some of his publications “rather harsh.” However, Medvedev believes that he writes the “truth-womb”, and this is the only way to “cause real interest” in the audience.

“This is the key to being listened to, read, trusted. As soon as you try to They won't appreciate it in some way, as they say,” he added.

What Medvedev writes about in his Telegram

Deputy head of the Security Council of the Russian Federation became infamous for his odious and rude publications in social networks.

Thus, at the end of November, Medvedev said that “a dreary division of jointly acquired property” could flare up in relations between the US and Europe. At the same time, the politician of the aggressor country reproached the United States for “economic infidelity” in relation to Europe.

“Alpha male Pindostan, despite all his oaths of loyalty, love to the grave and mocking promises to bring all income exclusively “to the family”, it turns out, he brazenly lied to his hateful Europe,” the former Russian president wrote.

After the election of Liz Truss as British Prime Minister, Medvedev publicly insulted the British politician several times. In particular, he called her “a freak-aunt and a thermonuclear Russophobe.”

Before that, he also spoke impartially about Polish President Andrzej Duda.

“Western Ukraine will be for the hungry return of the lands of Poland Whatever spells this same Duda casts, we are talking about the actual annexation of the territories of Western Ukraine by Poland,” Medvedev fantasized in his Telegram channel.