Ontario NDP to elect new permanent leader in March 2023


Ontario NDP to elect new permanent leader in March 2023

Andrea Horwath resigned as leader of the New Democratic Party shortly after the results were announced.

The New Democratic Party of Ontario will elect its next permanent leader during the first week of March 2023.

In a press release, the opposition party indicates that this decision was made following a meeting of the party's provincial council on Friday where he set the regulations that will govern his leadership race.

Leadership aspirants have until early December 2022 to register as candidates. The party has not given a fixed date at this time.

Until then, Peter Tabuns has served as Interim Leader of the NDP since the resignation of former Leader Andrea Horwath.

Among the regulations put in place, the new leader must be elected with more than 50% plus one of all votes cast. Several ballots are possible until a candidate reaches this majority.

Candidates must submit the signatures of 100 NDP members to be eligible.

The party also specifies that at least half of the signatories must be women. A minimum of 20 signatures must come from members living in at least four of the province's six geographic regions. Finally, at least 25% of signatures must come from equity-seeking party members, including Black, Indigenous and racialized members.

Party President Janelle Brady finds it especially exciting to be a New Democrat in Ontario today and that the party is stronger than it has ever been.

She adds that the party is ready to show Ontarians that they can finally get themselves a premier who fights for families and for workers – by fixing health care, raising wages, and tackling the cost of life.


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