Ontario reached record audio-visual production in 2022

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Ontario reached record audiovisual production in 2022

Stakeholders are delighted with the rebound of the audiovisual industry in Ontario in 2022.

The provincial agency Creative Ontario, which oversees the development of creative industries in the province, reports supporting 419 productions in 2022. This amounts to a contribution of $3.15 billion to the Ontario economy.

There is exciting growth in activity in the province, says Creative Ontario President and CEO Karen Thorne-Stone.

She noted that the audio-visual industry, like so many others during the pandemic, has been greatly affected by the lockdowns and health restrictions that have undermined its activity.

We are therefore excited to see such growth , and especially to see our local industry post such results, she adds.

The provincial agency released its numbers on Tuesday and says 2022 productions created 45,000 jobs in the province.

Record year for film and television production in Ontario

EMISSION ICI FIRST • No two mornings are the same

Record year for film and television production in Ontario. 13-minute audio content, ICI Première show. Listen to the audio.

Among the productions that the agency has supported, we can mention the hit Amazon series Prime The Boys or the film Women Talking recently nominated for an Oscar.

According to Creative Ontario, local productions account for almost 40% of all audio-visual spending in Ontario, which was up 34% from 2021.

Adding in ad production and in-house productions, which are estimated at over $1.4 billion in 2022, the agency reports a total of over $4.5 billion in activity in Ontario for the past year .

Lisa Michelle Cornelius, a Toronto-based actress, producer and singer, says she started her acting career in 2005, but hasn't worked as hard as she has in the last three years.

I see more and more Canadian contributors, authors and other creators in the programs instead of just being a service town for Americans. Many productions are Canadian, she applauds.

I also see a positive change in terms of diversity and inclusion. I have the feeling that things are opening up and moving in the right direction, but there is still a long way to go, especially behind the camera, she notes.

Lisa Michelle Cornelius is pleased to see more diversity in productions, at least in front of the camera.

Lisa Michelle Cornelius got a recurring role in the series Robyn Hoodwhich will air in 2023. She explains that the nearly three-month-long production, which was filmed last year, was her first recurring role on a series of such magnitude.

She also had roles in several Netflix series like Black Mirror, Handmaid's Tale and The Color of Love.< /p>

Ontario Film Bureau Chief Justin Cutler says the province has been able to generate interest from local audiovisual production.

This includes the Ontario Film and Television Production Tax Credit which provides a 40% credit on labor expenditures and an additional 10% for regional production.

If Justin Cutler praises the merits of Ontario as a place of choice to shoot films and series, the province is investing to develop this activity.

We are very focused on capacity development. I think that is the reason for our strong growth last year. This is especially the case in studio spaces, the expansion of our workforce, and our environmental sustainability, he explains.

A North Bay entrepreneur visits SXSW in mobile studio

HERE PREMIERE SHOW • Junction 11-17

A North Bay entrepreneur travels to SXSW in a mobile studio. 21-minute audio content, ICI Première broadcast. Listen to the audio.

While Toronto has not yet released its figures, the city's director of creative industries assures that the sector is flourishing.

We conducted a study and we know that between 2021 and 2026 the number of studios we have in Toronto will increase by 68%, explains Marguerite Pigott.

She adds that nearly 35,000 people work for this industry in Toronto.

Based on information from Sara Jabakhanji

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