Opening the jar will be easier than ever before. One simple patent is enough


How can you open a jar quickly and effortlessly?

Opening the jar will be easier than ever. One simple patent is enough

According to the Gazeta portal, tightly twisted jars are a pain for anyone who tries to open them. It turns out that to open them you do not need special tools and huge amounts of strength, all you need is a simple patent and things that we can find in the kitchen. Get to know the details!

How can I open a jar effortlessly?

Opening the jar is an unavoidable activity. It is also difficult to consider it as the favorite activity of many people, especially when we get a jar that is very tightly closed. Fortunately, there is an easy way to deal with this problem.

The fact that the jar is tightly closed is due to the pasteurization process, which is used to prevent the preserves from spoiling. When the jar is heated up, all air escapes from the inside of the jar. As the preserves cool, a vacuum is created inside the jar, which sucks the cap in.

 Opening the jar will be easier than ever. One simple patent is enough

< p>While the food is thus protected against spoilage, we may have a problem opening the jar. Fortunately, this problem is a thing of the past thanks to one simple trick. The advantage of this patent is not only the easy opening of the jar, but also the fact that it does not damage the caps, making them reusable.

How to open a tightly curled jar?

All we need is duct tape. Cut off a 20 cm piece and place the end on the lid. It must cover half of the circumference of the cap.

Then grab the jar with one hand and the end of the tape that protrudes beyond the cap with the other hand. Pull gently and it's ready. Jar open!

And you, what are your patents to open the jar?


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