Operation Smokescreen. Cormorant blinds white shark with 'fecal bomb' to win fight (video)

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  • Operation Smokescreen. A cormorant blinded a white shark with a fecal bomb to win the fight (video)

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  • Operation «Smokescreen». Cormorant blinded the white shark &laquo ;fecal bomb

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  • Operation Smokescreen. Cormorant blinded white shark with fecal bomb to win fight (video)


  • Operation Smoke Screen. Cormorant blinded a white shark with a fecal bomb to win the fight (video)

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  • Operation Smokescreen. Cormorant blinded a white shark with a fecal bomb to win the fight (video)

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Operation Smoke Screen. A cormorant blinded a white shark with a

Cormorants can't just fly away from danger like other birds do , and therefore they have to cunningly escape from predators.

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An extremely funny video of an unequal fight between a great white shark and a cormorant was filmed by Malibu artist Carlos Gauna. He managed to capture rare footage of a skirmish between unequal rivals. It would seem that the cormorant had no chance of salvation, but he easily pulled off a rescue operation, codenamed “Smokescreen”, writes the Daily Star.

Carlos Gauna was watching nature when a fascinating action caught his attention , a great white shark appeared to be preparing to attack a cormorant drifting on the waves. However, further the plot developed in a very unusual way.

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Note that, unlike other feathered birds, the cormorant cannot just fly away. Their wings are not waterproof, which can be a plus when diving, but a huge minus when you need to quickly retreat.

The video shows how the shark approaches the bird, and then something amazing happens. The cormorant literally launches a “fecal bomb” right into the snout of the great white shark to throw it off the trail. And it seems to have worked—Operation Smokescreen was clearly a success.

According to Carlos, it was one of the most amazing and fun encounters he had ever seen. The author of the video does not know if cormorants actually use smoke screen tactics as a defense mechanism. However, now we know for sure that the “feces bomb” attack can actually save the lives of birds.