Opioid crisis: over 1,300 fatal overdoses in Alberta

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Crisis opioids: more than 1,300 fatal overdoses in Alberta

Fatal overdoses continue in Alberta.

The number of people who died of fatal overdoses between January and November 2022 in Alberta reached 1,346, according to provincial data.

Although the number is lower to 2021 when drug poisoning killed 1,758, last year remains the third deadliest year.

If it gets a little better […] you can't really talk about success. It's a less terrible failure, says Petra Schulz, co-founder of Moms Stop the Harm, an organization that brings together families of overdose victims.

A former co-chair of the Edmonton's Opioid Committee, Dr. Ginetta Salvalaggio, points out that while there is a downward trend, it should be remembered that the number of overdose deaths has not yet been finalized for 2022.

We haven't left the hostel, says Dr. Salvalaggio.

Colin Aitchinson, press officer at the Ministry of Mental Health and of Addictions, says the government is cautiously optimistic because the number of fatal overdoses in November 2022 is down 31% from November 2021.

Furthermore, he says, the government spent $35 million to support the addictions sector, 60% more than in fiscal year 2018-19.

Based on information from Mrinali Anchan

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