Oppenheimer: an explosive first teaser for Christopher Nolan's next film


Christopher Nolan's next film, Oppenheimer, has finally been unveiled in a crazy first teaser.

After the divisive Tenet, which will have accused the vagaries of a nasty pandemic at the box office, the filmmaker famous for his plots, each more convoluted than the other, returns to confuse the spectators with his highly anticipated Oppenheimer. With a five-star castwhere the formidable Cillian Murphy will rub shoulders with Emily Blunt, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. or even the dazzling Florence Pugh, the film has never ceased, since its announcement in 2021, to work on the expectations of future spectators. .

Expectations all the more excited bythe broadcast on the big screen of Oppenheimer's first teaser just before the screenings of the new footage by Jordan Peele, Nope, from Friday, July 22. Since then, moviegoers not residing in the lands of Uncle Sam have longed to finally discover these first images. It seems, however, that it's time to rejoice, since the famous teaser has finally been released online by Universal Pictures.

Adapted from the book American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, written by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin, the footage will therefore the story of the scientist who carried out the Manhattan Project during the Second World War (understand by this: the father of the atomic bomb).

Short, but no less spectacular, this first glimpse gives pride of place to black and white photographywhich the footage will benefit from. A tribute to the cinema of yesteryear or a desire to correspond to the visual codes of this sad era, this bichromatic palette is all the more striking when it comes up against the incandescence of the flames occasionally invading the image.


The strip sound, which responds with an agonizing crescendo, conveys the urgency and drama looming at the end of the military project. An apprehension that also suggests the growing explosion filmed from the inside by the filmmaker; the embers thus gradually give way to a vast inferno as bubbling as it is destructive.

Streamed live continuously on the Universal Studios YouTube channel, the images also show 'a countdown to millimeter precision counting down the time remaining before the film's theatrical release, which is scheduled, in France, for July 19, 2023. The time until then to discover or rediscover the incredible filmography of Christopher Nolan.


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