Oppo presents its new folding 'smartphones'

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Oppo presents its new foldable 'smartphones'

The company Oppo announces the second generation of its series of folding 'smartphones', the Oppo Find N2, and its first model that is also foldable, but with a flip style, the Find N2 Flip. As the firm highlighted in the presentation held a few minutes ago, “they provide a thinner design and a sensation of lightness, an almost invisible fold and powerful performance”. Both devices will be launched imminently in the Chinese market and as an important fact it should be noted that the Find N2 Flip will become the most popular device. It will be the first device with the new form factor to be released in the future.

Billy Zhang, President of Oppo Overseas Sales and Services says: “Foldable smartphones are one of the brand's most important product strategies. With the Find N2 and Find N2 Flip, Oppo is confidently competing in this growing segment of the smartphone market.

Enhanced Solutions

With its first flip-style model, the brand presents an improved solution for the most popular style of foldable device on the market. It solves many pain points, such as: A larger screen that enhances the user experience with a more functional vertical screen, to perform essential daily tasks, such as seeing up to six notifications at once and previewing Easily view photos captured by your camera system. It also provides autonomy throughout the day, thanks to the 4300 mAh battery and the MediaTek Dimensity 9000+ chipset customized to improve power consumption. Another improvement occurs in the second generation Flexion Hinge hinge system, with a water drop design that gives the internal screen a practically invisible fold.

The Find N2 Flip will be easy to use. It will be released on world markets, including most European countries, next year. Then, more details about the global version of the device will be released.

Thus, it will be released. it's the Find N2, a horizontal flip phone

The Find N2 is the successor to the innovative Oppo Find N foldable, which was introduced last month. last year. Weighing 233 grams, this black vegan leather version is the lightest horizontally foldable smartphone at the moment. It's also very slim, measuring 14.6mm when flat. closed. Together with the unique landscape ratio of the inner screen and full-size outer screen inherited from the original Find N, it offers a more convenient experience for daily use.

Its lightweight design is made possible by a smaller, thinner and stronger hinge system. Second-generation flex Hinge adopts quality materials, including carbon fiber and high-strength alloy used in the aviation industry, and is made of high-strength alloy. built from 100 components (36 less than the previous generation). Along with optimizations to the screen and internal structure, the weight of the Find N2 has been significantly reduced by 42g compared to the original Find N, without compromising quality.

The improved structure of Second generation Flexion Hinge also provides a less visible crease,which is 67% narrower, providing an immersive work and entertainment experience. This hinge also helps ensure that the device does not have any gaps when it is in place. It is closed.


It is worth noting the incorporation of carbon fiber to the interior screen of the Find N2, which reduces weight and makes it more resistant. It can be folded up to 400,000 times without failing to function properly, according to laboratory tests


Both the exterior and interior screens offer a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The color temperature sensors of both panels guarantee nuances and precision in the images. The 7.1-inch interior screen can reach 1,550 nits of maximum brightness. It incorporates an anti-reflective film to improve visibility outdoors and offer an enhanced immersive experience on the big screen. For its part, the 5.54-inch outer screen can reach 1,350 nits of maximum brightness and, thanks to the second-generation Flexion Hinge system, the bezel of the outer screen has been reduced by 47% compared to Same with the original model.

Performance and camera

Powered by the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 mobile platform, 5G speeds, a 4,520mAh battery, and charging With a fast 67W SUPERVOOCTM, the Find N2 is one of the most powerful and fastest-charging foldable smartphones of the moment.

It includes a new triple-camera system with Hasselblad fit and Oppo's MariSilicon X dedicated imaging NPU, plus FlexForm capture for versatile shooting and studio selfies.

It has a 50 MP main camera with the flagship sensorSonyIMX890; a 48 MP ultra-wide angle, which can also be used as a macro, and a 32 MP RGBW 2x telephoto lens, which reduces noise for better portraits and zooming.

Other values

Employs custom foldable software based on ColorOS 13, which integrates Android 13, for an optimized software experience on a big screen. The brand has also improved the screen division, with the inclusion of the iconic gesture with two fingers. Thus, a two-finger swipe across the center of the 7.1-inch inner screen activates a split-screen view. A three-finger swipe down on the left or right side will capture the image. that app's screen, while a three-finger swipe down in the center will capture that app's screen. the whole split screen view.

Oppo has also created the FlexForm Space, you only need to flex the device for a second to get into it, where you can watch the apps, movies and music that the user has recently used.