Orban draws criticism in Europe for 'race mixing'


Orban sparked criticism in Europe for

The Hungarian Prime Minister said that Hungarians do not want to become a mixed race, and countries where Europeans and non-Europeans mix are “no longer nations”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has strongly criticized the “mixing” of European and non-European races and said that Hungarians do not want to become mixed race. His words provoked indignation of the opposition parties in Hungary, as well as European politicians. This is reported by the British edition of The Guardian.

According to Orban, countries where Europeans and non-Europeans mix are “no longer nations.”

“We (Hungarians — ed.) are not mixed race … and we do not want to become mixed race,” he said.

Member of the European Parliament from the opposition Impuls party Katalin Cech said she was shocked by the speech of the Hungarian prime minister.

“His statements are reminiscent of a time that I think we would all like to forget. They really show the true face of the regime,” she said.

Romanian MEP Alin Mituta also reacted angrily to Orban's comments.< /p>

“Talking about racial or ethnic 'purity', especially in such a mixed region as Central and Eastern Europe, is purely delusional and dangerous. As is Mr. Orban,” he wrote on Twitter.

< p>The publication notes that this is not the first such speech by Orban. He has been making similar statements for years, but these comments have been couched in a blunt far-right manner. He said these words in the city of Baile Tushnade in Romania at the annual meeting with supporters. It was there, in 2014, that he first said that he wanted to build an “illiberal democracy” in Hungary.

Such harsh words by the Hungarian Prime Minister may indicate that Budapest refused to receive several billion euros from the EU , which were frozen due to corruption and rule of law issues.

“He knows exactly what the reaction will be to this speech, and I think he is preparing for no compromise,” said the Hungarian political scientist from analytical center “Political Capital”.

On July 15, the Hungarian prime minister said that the EU “shot itself in the lungs” by imposing sanctions against the Russian Federation. The politician believes that if the restrictions are not lifted, then this could destroy the European economy at a time when the restrictions did not weaken Russia and did not lead to any settlement of the war in Ukraine.


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