Orbán reiterates that sanctions against Russia must be rethought because they are a mistake

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Orbán reiterates that we must rethink the sanctions on Russia because they are a mistake

ThePrime Minister of Hungary, the ultranationalist Viktor Orbán, has reiterated in Prague that the sanctions policies of the European Union ( EU) against Russia for invading Ukraine have had no result and, therefore, are wrong and must be rethought.

“We must rethink the erroneous sanctions policies of Brussels since they have not lived up to expectations,” Orbán said in a meeting with ex-Czech president Vaclav Klaus, on the sidelines of the meeting. informal summit of European leaders.

The Hungarian president added that “the war is not over yet, prices in Europe have skyrocketed, while Russia makes a lot of money with this situation,” he was quoted as saying. Orbán's spokesman, Bertalan Havasi, to the MTI agency.

Criticism but vote in favor

Orbán is considered the best community ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin and has repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Russia. Despite their criticism, Hungary voted on Wednesday in favor of the new community sanctions. present today at the forum of the European Political Community in which the participation of 44 European leaders is expected, as well as in the informal European Council on Friday.

The weakness of the national currency, the forint, and the high inflation, which stood at more than 15% year-on-year in August, coupled with the lack of EU funding due to withholding of funds by the European Commission, are having a major impact on the Hungarian economy and affecting the popularity by Orbán.