Orihuela will spend 3 million on drainage works against floods

Orihuela will spend 3 million on drainage works against floods

The Orihuela City Council will carry out sustainable drainage works to avoid floods as much as possible in the case of heavy rains. The municipality lacks many water infrastructures for rainwater management. The municipal coffers have received a total of 3,283,999 euros from the Generalitat to finance the works, within the Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDs) works, one of the actions of the Plan Vega Renhace del Consell. Most of the investment, which will be for the entire municipality, will go to collectors and to improve the rainwater network.

The councilors of Infrastructures, Ángel Noguera, and of Urbanism, José Aix, were in charge this Thursday of shelving the projects to which the money received from the Consell will be destined, included within the Master Plan for Protection Against Floods and Sustainable Drainage prepared by Hidraqua, the Orihuela water cycle service management company. In the urban area of ​​Orihuela, work will be done on the splitting of the Espeñetas collector, which takes the largest investment, a total of 1,334,417 euros, and in the Duque de Tamames rainwater network with an endowment of 1,199,581 euros. In Orihuela Costa, the actions focus on the underpasses of the N-332 in Playa Flamenca with 423,138 euros, on the dams that occur on the San Miguel de Salinas road, specifically on Mariano Torregrosa street, with 236,906 euros and in the execution of a storm tank in the Aguamarina park for which 89,909 euros will be allocated.

In Duque de Tamames, Príncipe de Asturias and Camino Viejo de Molins streets, a main rainwater collector will be equipped to collect, separately (not as is currently being done), the rainwater from the sanitation network. This main collector is necessary to begin to provide the southern area of ​​the urban area of ​​Orihuela with an infrastructure that the city does not have to date and avoid accumulations of water and even floods in episodes of heavy rains in this area. With this action, the macroproject for the redevelopment of Duque de Tamames street, planned by the Department of Infrastructures, will begin.

In Espeñetas, the planned action will make it possible to send water from rain that comes from Monte de San Miguel and the Sierra de Orihuela directly to the river Segura avoiding, as has happened to date, that the rainwater enters the urban area of ​​the city.

Orihuela will spend 3 million on drainage works against floods

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In Orihuela Costa there will be action in three points to mitigate the effects of water accumulation and runoff in heavy rain episodes, draining rainwater more quickly and thus avoiding floods.

“These actions are developed in order to solve the existing problem in the municipality of Orihuela of the deficit of hydraulic infrastructures for the management of rainwater in the municipality,” said Noguera. For its part, Aix highlighted that “the Master Plan for Protection Against Floods and Sustainable Drainage, which has been carried out giving priority to sustainable drainage solutions, should serve to prioritize and channel investments in this type of infrastructure, as well as of route for the planning of new infrastructures and urban developments ».


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