Orphanages: A request for a public inquiry will also be filed with Alma Council

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Orphanages&nbsp ;: a request for a public inquiry will also be filed with Alma Council

The Orphanage of the Immaculate Conception of Chicoutimi was active from 1931 to 1968.

Just as Saguenay will do, a resolution demanding a public inquiry will be presented to Alma's municipal council asking Quebec to shed light on the revelations of the program Enquête on alleged Suspicious deaths of children, rape and assaults committed by nuns at the Orphanage of the Immaculate Conception in Chicoutimi.

The Mayor of Alma, Sylvie Beaumont, joins her voice to that of her counterpart from Saguenay, Julie Dufour.

The resolution will also aim to support the survivors of this orphanage who was active from 1931 to 1968.

I can't believe things like this happened back home, so close. I know people personally who have gone through this ordeal, so I think the government absolutely needs to look into this. It absolutely takes a public inquiry into these terrible events, said Sylvie Beaumont in an interview on Wednesday.

The mayor of Alma, Sylvie Beaumont.

Former PQ MP Méganne Perry Mélançon made the same request.

In addition, citizens and victims invite the population to gather in front of the former Chicoutimi orphanage on Friday, March 3. This informal ceremony will be dedicated to the memory of the missing children and the survivors who stayed at this place. Toys and stuffed animals will be placed in front of the building.

Almatois Mario Lalancette is one of the organizers of this activity. He was a boarder for ten months at the orphanage run by the Little Franciscans of Mary.

Because there are many who may be my neighbour, my next door neighbor, who were there at the same time as me and whom we no longer know. We lost the link. [It's so] that we can meet, take the time to pause and pay homage, then remember, take a minute of silence for these children who are gone and for those who have suffered, then finally be able to make a ball of love and take the time to chat, he said during his appearance on the show Place publique Wednesday.

Testimony of a victim of Catholic orphanages

ISSUE ICI PREMIÈRE • Public square

Testimony of & #x27;a victim of Catholic orphanages. 14-minute audio content, ICI Première broadcast. Listen to the audio.

With information from Priscilla Plamondon Lalancette

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