Other confidential documents were found in Joe Biden's house

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Other confidential documents were found in Joe Biden's house

The discovery of confidential documents in the private residence of President Joe Biden is very delicate for the president, who plans to run for a second term. (File photo)

Five more pages of confidential documents have been found in Joe Biden's family home, the White House announced on Saturday, a further twist in a case very delicate for the American president.

These documents, which date from the vice-presidency of Joe Biden, from 2009 to 2017, were found in a room adjacent to the garage after the arrival Thursday evening of the lawyer of the presidency Richard Sauber, specifies this one in a press release.

He indicates that he went to this opulent residence in Wilmington, in the State of Delaware, in order to supervise the transmission to justice of ;a first set of confidential documents, found on site on Wednesday.

Richard Sauber recalls that while searching the residence on Wednesday, the president's personal lawyers had found, in this room next to the garage, a page marked as being a confidential document.

N& #x27;Not having the necessary authorizations to consult this kind of documents, these lawyers did not push their research further and warned the Department of Justice, specifies the adviser of the White House.

A 1978 law requires US presidents and vice-presidents to send all their correspondence, letters, emails and other working documents to the National Archives.

Richard Sauber, for his part authorized to consult confidential documents, discovered five other pages during his visit, six pages in total, and indicates that the representatives of the Department of Justice who accompanied him immediately took possession of them.

In addition to the files found in this private residence, other confidential documents had been discovered last November at the Penn Biden Center, a Washington think tank where Joe Biden once had an office, and had also been entrusted to justice .

Justice Secretary Merrick Garland on Thursday appointed an independent prosecutor to investigate the case.

The House- Blanche communicated without delay about the files found in Wilmington but did not acknowledge until last Monday, two months after, the discovery of those who were in Washington.

This case is very delicate for Joe Biden at a time when he is considering running for a second term.

She recalls in particular, despite many differences on the merits, that the former President Donald Trump is also in the sights of justice for having taken official documents to his residence in FL oride.

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