Ottawa and Manitoba provide $33.1 million for the Métis National Heritage Center

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Ottawa and Manitoba donate $33.1M for the Métis National Heritage Center

The future Métis National Heritage Center will be located in the historic Bank of Montreal building at the corner of Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

The Métis National Heritage Center is set to open in 2025, following the announcement of $33.1 million in federal and Manitoba funding on Saturday in Winnipeg at the annual general meeting of the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF).

Of this amount, the federal government invests $23.1 million while the provincial contribution is $10 million.

The construction of the Centre, under the aegis of the MMF should begin in 2023.

It took us several years of work to get to where we are, rejoices the president of the Federation David Chartrand.

For the president of the Manitoba Metis Federation, David Chartrand, this announcement is an important step towards the realization of the Centre.

He hopes that when completed, the Center will attract visitors from across the country who can learn more about the history of the Métis people, and about Louis Riel, considered the father of Manitoba.

We are considering using technology of course and maybe getting a chance to talk to Riel who is standing right in front of you, he says.

Northern Affairs Minister, Minister responsible for Canada-Prairies Economic Development and Minister responsible for the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, Dan Vandal explains that this is a place to promote the heritage of Red River Métis.

This new Center will showcase and celebrate Métis history through heritage workshops, the protection and display of artifacts, photography and traditional arts and contemporaries, and it will help promote Métis culture in Manitoba and Canada, said Mr. Vandal in a government press release.

According to the Minister of Northern Affairs, Minister responsible for Canada-Prairies Economic Development, Dan Vandal, the Center will tell the story of the Métis and show their contribution to the history of Canada.

According to the federal government, this is the first Center of its kind in Canada. Its creation is the result of the federal government's commitment to work in partnership with the Métis Nation to advance reconciliation, says the government.

Federal support is also part of the part of the Green and Inclusive Community Buildings (BCVI) program aimed at renovating existing large-scale community buildings.

The future Heritage Center will be located in the former building of the BMO Bank of Montreal, at the famous intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street in Winnipeg.

The Métis National Heritage Center project has been piloted for about 20 years. x27;year. In 2019, it had already received $5 million in funding from Ottawa.

On May 12, 2020, the MMF announced the future location of the center.

With information from Laïssa Pamou

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