Ottawa announces shipment of winter equipment to Ukrainian troops | War in Ukraine

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Ottawa announces shipment of winter equipment to Ukrainian troops | War in Ukraine

A unit of Ukrainian soldiers on deployment near Lviv, western Ukraine.

Minister Anita Anand announces new Canadian military assistance to Ukraine at meeting of Ukraine Defense Advisory Group

Meeting in Brussels today with their counterparts from the Ukraine Defense Advisory Group. Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced $47 million in additional equipment and ammunition, including winter equipment, to Ukraine in preparation for the onset of cold weather on the battlefield .

According to a statement from National Defense, this new shipment of equipment to Ukraine will include more than 400,000 winter items, including gloves, boots, parkas, winter pants – worth $15 million – to be provided by Canadian Commercial Corporation and Canadian Armed Forces Warehouses.

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Additional ammunition, worth more than $15 million, will also be supplied to Ukrainian troops, including 155 millimeter shells, fuses and gargoyles [gunpowder charges] compatible with the M777 howitzers supplied to the Ukraine by Canada.

New stock of specialized cameras that can be mounted on drones will also be provided to Ukrainians at a value of $15.3 million.

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Ukrainian soldiers fire an M777 howitzer delivered to the Ukrainians by NATO countries.

Ottawa will also contribute an additional $2 million to provide kyiv and its partners with satellite communications as part of a joint project between National Defence, the Canadian Armed Forces, Communications Security Establishment and Telesat.

“We help our Ukrainian friends by giving them equipment, training their new recruits and transporting materials so that they are well equipped to defend their country.

—Anita Anand, Minister of Defense of Canada

Earlier this week, Minister Anand also announced the upcoming deployment of 40 Canadian Forces Combat Engineers to Poland. This detachment will be responsible for training Ukrainian engineers in engineering reconnaissance, the use of explosives for demolition work, as well as mine clearance.

Canada will also continue to train Ukrainian soldiers in the UK as well as Ukrainian gunnery teams to effectively operate M777 howitzers and armored vehicle crews donated by Canada to the Ukrainian forces.

On the aviation side, Ottawa will soon be deploying a third CC-130J Hercules aircraft and additional support personnel to Prestwick, Scotland, to increase Canada's ability to deliver equipment to Ukraine.

The Kerch Bridge is Russia's only land link with annexed Crimea. Moscow said on Wednesday that it had made arrests in connection with the attack. Details from Lise Villeneuve.

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