Ottawa boosts electric charging stations in the West


Ottawa brings a boost to electric charging stations in the West

The federal government is contributing financially to the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at Shell stations in Canada.

The government of Canada is investing 3.95 million to install 79 charging stations for electric vehicles.

This project in collaboration with Shell Canada will cover 37 oil stations from Ontario to British Columbia.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, Randy Boissonnault, the goal is to make it possible to cross the country without stress.

This investment is part of one of the promises of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau to reduce emissions by 31% emissions for the oil and gas industry by 2030.

The federal government has also promised to add 50,000 charging stations for electric vehicles by 2030, to invest in infrastructure for charging and refueling vehicles that emit no GHGs and to reduce the price of electric cars.

“This investment is a first step towards reaching the target of 50,000 terminals. As Canadians turn to greener options, we'll make sure gas stations keep up with demand.

— Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism

At this time, British Columbia is the only province that has confirmed its financial contribution to the project. Through the CleanBC Go Electric program, the province will provide $625,000 to install electric charging stations for Shell stations across the province.

Alberta is one of the Canadian provinces where the market for electric and hybrid vehicles is the least dynamic. Despite everything, Randy Boissonnault thinks that Alberta needs charging infrastructure for these means of transport.

The Minister of Tourism thinks that these new charging stations will facilitate the energy transition of many Canadians: Canadians must be able to contribute to the energy and ecological transition.

“The deployment of electric car charging stations in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario is a giant step in the transition to electric vehicles.

— Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance

Nearly 85% of publicly accessible fast-charging stations are located in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. In addition, electric vehicles represent only 5% of cars in Canada, well below the goal set by Ottawa, which hopes that one in two electric vehicles will be on Canadian roads by 2030.

On the side of Shell Canada, the director of energy transition, Simon Paradis, affirms that this collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Canada makes it possible to anticipate the installation program of charging stations across the country.

Shell Canada's director of energy transition, Simon Paradis, thinks this project will give Canadians a better deal .

We have nearly 11,000 stations in North America, several hundred in Canada, and only 7 stations under the Shell Recharge brand in Alberta, explains Simon Paradis. Our network is evolving rapidly to meet customer needs and demand.

With rising gas prices and the war in Ukraine, Randy Boissonnault believes in continuing to produce electric vehicles in Canada, install more charging stations along key roads and highways across the country, and develop projects to mine the minerals needed to manufacture electric vehicles.

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