Ottawa could abandon compulsory vaccination at borders | Coronavirus

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Ottawa could abandon mandatory vaccination at borders | Coronavirus

It could become easier to enter Canada if the government did remove the requirement to have received two doses of vaccine to do so.

The federal government could abandon the #x27;Requirement to have received at least two doses of vaccine against COVID-19 to enter the country, by September 30. Ottawa has yet to make a formal decision on this, however.

According to information first reported by the Globe and Mail, the Trudeau government would thus plan to break one of the last health locks still in force in the country.

At the same time, Canada would no longer impose tests screenings for COVID-19 at airports and would make the controversial ArriveCan app optional.

On Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, no minister wanted to comment on these rumors.

Both the random testing and the use of the ArriveCan mobile app have drawn strong criticism.

The former often led to very long delays at the country's four main airports, where delays were sometimes already significant due to staff shortages or health restrictions.

Ottawa suspended this randomly imposed requirement to undergo a screening test for a few months, but the measure has been in force since July 19.

As for the application, several errors, bugs and other malfunctions have been reported since its implementation, at the beginning of the pandemic.

Even until very recently, elected officials and American business representatives lobbied the federal government to get Ottawa to put an end to the obligation to use this application, arguing that this digital barrier was harmful to trade and tourism.

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