Ottawa expands facilities on Roxham Road

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Ottawa expands its Roxham Road

A new modular complex will be created due to the growing number of asylum seekers arriving in Canada.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has set up facilities since 2017 to receive asylum seekers from the United States.

More modern . Bigger. More comfortable. Canadian infrastructure on Roxham Road is getting a facelift.

A new modular complex will open this fall on this site where asylum seekers from the United States are received.

The growing increase in migrants using this passage explains this half a million dollar investment, according to just-released bidding documents.

“Currently, the marquee in place no longer meets the growing needs for treatment of migrants.

— Excerpt from Royal Canadian Mounted Police tender documents

Between January and August, more than 23,000 refugee claimants used Roxham Road to enter Canada. A record that causes many problems for law enforcement.

Following the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the reopening of borders on November 21, 2021, migrants must maintain a distance while they wait to complete the processing of their illegal entry. […] Every week since the beginning of the reopening, the number of migrants per day is already growing, can we read in these documents.

Canadian Police occupy land they lease from a nearby resident at Roxham Road.

This new modular complex will be in place on November 1st. It will replace a marquee and a trailer, currently installed at the border, and these new facilities will be adjacent to an already existing building.

Two other container-type trailers will also be added.

The complex will make it possible for migrants to wait, sheltered from the weather while waiting for the rest of the procedures, specifies the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), at the origin of this contract.

An isolation room, in case of testing positive for COVID-19, and a kitchen area/rest room for employees are also provided.

The RCMP plans to lease these buildings until March 2024, with two one-year renewal options, possibly until 2026.

Nearly 23,200 migrants crossed the Canadian border by Roxham, between January and August 2022.

This expense adds to the long list of investments made by the federal government around Roxham Road. Since 2017, as revealed by Radio-Canada, more than half a billion dollars have been paid to create, expand and maintain various infrastructures.

Des agreements, in the context of land rentals for example, have also been signed without competition and Ottawa refuses, at the same time, to reveal certain contracts, citing national security reasons.

This situation has been deeply deplored, both in Quebec and in Ottawa.

We have a government that is beginning to look like an old government with corrupt temptations, launched the leader of the Bloc Québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, earlier this week, deploring the downfall of Justin Trudeau's empire.

To his eyes, these pharaonic sums should rather be invested in resources and personnel at Immigration Canada, to speed up the processing of immigration files.

Under the impetus of the federal opposition parties, the House of Commons Ethics Committee intends to question Liberal ministers, civil servants and suppliers in the coming days to uncover these invoices.

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