Ottawa orders 84 million flu doses from pharmaceutical giant GSK


Ottawa orders 84 million flu doses from pharmaceutical giant GSK

The Flulaval Tetra influenza vaccine is produced by GSK in Quebec. (Archives)

The federal government reaches an agreement with the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in order to get its hands on 84 million doses of vaccines to counter seasonal and pandemic flu.

In order to become more independent in its supply of vaccine doses, Ottawa will therefore receive from GSK nearly four million doses per year against seasonal influenza and up to 80 million doses of vaccine against pandemic influenza. .

By using domestic production, right here in Canada, we can ensure that Canada's supply is not jeopardized by border closures, trade disruptions, transportation issues and shipping times, explained the federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos at the Quebec production center of GSK in Sainte-Foy.

The pandemic has therefore highlighted the country's need to find ways to quickly supply vaccines, the minister believes.

We do it with more confidence today because we have seen how pandemics such as COVID-19 or other forms of pandemics, can be extremely damaging, he said.

With the rise in COVID-19 cases observed across the country, Minister Duclos once again hammered home the importance of getting your third dose, specifying that Canada was a dunce among the G7 countries in this regard. .

The Federal Minister of Health, Jean-Yves Duclos, also recalled, during of the announcement, the importance of receiving a 3rd dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 (Archives).

The health network, which continues to be undermined by the outbreaks of COVID-19, needs the help of the public.

Our healthcare workers are exhausted. They have been asked a lot over the past two years and we need them for the future. So protecting us is also protecting them, said Mr. Duclos.


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