Ottawa sanctions two former Haitian ministers for corruption

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Ottawa sanctions two former ministers haïtiens pour corruption

The situation is extremely tense in Haiti and the Trudeau government wants to put pressure on corrupt elites and criminal gangs.

The Government of Canada is imposing new sanctions on the Haitian elite in connection with the corruption that plagues the country. This time, two ex-ministers, Berto Dorcé and Liszt Quitel, are targeted by Ottawa.

In an announcement sent by press release, the Trudeau government indicates that it prohibits these two men from carrying out financial transactions on Canadian territory, which is, it is said, , to freeze any assets they may have in Canada.

And under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Messrs. Dorcé and Quitel are also banned from entering the country.

Canada has reason to believe that these individuals are using their status as prominent members of the economic elite in Haiti to protect and enable the illegal activities of armed criminal gangs, including through money laundering and other acts of corruption. , mentions the press release provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

These gangs, it is recalled, continue to terrorize vulnerable populations in Haiti with complete impunity and precipitate a humanitarian crisis in the country, which includes the resurgence of cholera.

The bandits are also reportedly committing unspeakable acts of violence against the population while preventing the provision of basic services or that humanitarian aid be distributed.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is calling on other members of the international community to take similar measures to increase pressure on the olives corrupt boys and criminal militias.

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