Ottawa wants the dismissal of the class action brought by black civil servants

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Ottawa wants the dismissal of the class action brought by black civil servants

This class action lawsuit alleges that black public servants have lost benefits and opportunities for advancement in the federal public service (archives).

The federal government is asking a judge to dismiss a class action lawsuit brought by black public servants, arguing that it would be more appropriate to treat the case as a labor relations grievance.

This proposed class action, filed in Federal Court in 2020, alleges that since the 1970s, approximately 30,000 black public servants have lost advancement opportunities and benefits granted to other federal public servants because of their group identity.

The statement says the suit is seeking damages to compensate black public servants for the mental and economic hardship they suffered .

The plaintiffs are also asking for a plan to diversify the federal workforce and to remove the barriers that even fair pay laws employment have not been able to eliminate.

In a lawsuit, the government argues that the Federal Court is not the appropriate forum to hear this matter because the claim should be treated as a labor relations grievance.

Treasury Board spokesman Martin Potvin said the government believes there is already a process to deal with cases of harassment and discrimination in the public service. He pointed out that these matters may be the subject of grievances under the Federal Public Sector Labor Relations Act and that such grievances may be heard by the Labor and Labor Relations Board. employment.

Nicholas Marcus Thompson, executive director of the Black Class Action Secretariat, pointed out that this group includes people who have never been hired by the federal government because of alleged discrimination, meaning that ;they can't file grievances internally.

The government tells us to turn to the failing systems. Now that's why we were brought here in the first place, because there was nowhere else to go, he said.

He also argued that this issue should be approached as systemic discrimination and not from an individual perspective.

Last week , the same group of black public service employees filed a complaint with the United Nations Human Rights Council, accusing the federal government of Canada of racism, discrimination, xenophobia and x27;intolerance.

Treasury Board President Mona Fortier said last week that the federal government was working to overcome prejudice and create a public service inclusive, free from harassment and discrimination.

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