Ottawa wants to attract Japanese electric vehicle manufacturers to the country


Ottawa wants to attract Japanese manufacturers of electric vehicles to the country

Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru are in the crosshairs of the Federal Minister for Innovation.

Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne is in Japan trying to woo automakers not yet present in Canada, such as Mitsubishi, Nissan and Subaru.

The Minister says he wants to convince these companies that, in a world where supply chains are causing serious headaches for builders, Canada has a skilled workforce, raw materials needed and the stability they seek.

Minister Champagne says the synergy between Canada's automotive and mining industries could help convince more automakers to come to the country to produce electric vehicles and the batteries that power them.


He likes to tell businesses that stability, predictability and the rule of law are in high demand, but the supply is scarce.

Last spring, automakers and battery manufacturers announced investments of more than $13 billion in Canada, including parts, batteries, buses and electric cars.

These announcements also provided, in some cases, for the conversion or expansion of existing factories.

Although meetings are also planned with the giants Honda and Toyota, which are already in the process of converting their Canadian factories to produce electric vehicles, the discussions are not the same, admits the minister.

Federal Minister of Innovation François-Philippe Champagne

If you talk to people who already have an established presence in Canada, that&#x27 ;is different because they already have investments, he notes.

Mr. Champagne says other builders look for three things before investing: talent, ecosystem and resources.

When you put it all together, Canada becomes a supplier of choice, says the minister.

This trip to Japan follows a previous trip to Europe last spring, where Mr. Champagne met with German manufacturers, such as Volkswagen, which regularly competes with Toyota for the title of the world's largest manufacturer.

The minister is planning another trip to Asia, which should include South Korea, in the fall.


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