Ottawa will abandon the sanitary measures imposed on travelers arriving in the country | Coronavirus

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Ottawa will abandon the sanitary measures imposed on travelers arriving in the country | Coronavirus

Ottawa will announce on Monday that it is abandoning three health measures for entering the country, namely the vaccination obligation, random tests and the use of the ArriveCAN application.

Ottawa will drop the last three sanitary measures it imposed at the borders, a senior source in the Trudeau government confirmed to the CBC.

As of September 30, mandatory vaccinations for travelers entering Canada, random testing at airports and mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app will therefore be a thing of the past.

The official announcement of the abandonment of these three measures will take place on Monday, says the source, who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly.

The first information to this effect had begun to circulate on Tuesday, but no federal minister had wanted to come forward at the time to confirm it. The source says that the announcement will be made by the Prime Minister.

Discussions are still taking place within the Trudeau Cabinet, however, to determine whether the wearing of mandatory masks on planes and domestic trains is to remain in effect after September 30 – when other health measures are lifted.

The Trudeau government was criticized for these measures, while many states and provinces lifted the majority of their restrictions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ArriveCAN application, in particular, had experienced many failures since its establishment. Its use will become optional. Implemented early in the pandemic, errors and bugs were reported, and many travelers simply did not understand how it worked.

The Council for Canadian American Affairs (CABC) has also been asking Ottawa to remove the controversial ArriveCAN application since last August.

Random testing for COVID-19 among travelers has resulted in very long delays at airports across the country. They were on top of delays already caused by staff shortages and other health measures that were in place. However, if Ottawa had suspended them for a time, it had reinstated them on July 19.

The obligation to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter Canada had also received critics. Since mid-August, several American elected officials and representatives, particularly from the business community, have lobbied Ottawa to reduce travel delays between the United States and Canada.

In August, federal Transport Minister Omar Alghabra told the House of Commons Transport Committee that it is the lingering impacts of the pandemic that are causing chronic travel delays at Canadian airports, rather than government measures.

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