Ottawa would have lost control over medical cannabis for veterans

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Ottawa would have lost control over therapeutic cannabis for veterans

The federal program set up to provide medical cannabis to veterans cost $150 million in the last fiscal year. That's more than all other prescription drugs combined. (archives)

An internal audit at the Department of Veterans Affairs suggests that Ottawa, which spends tens of millions of dollars each year on medical marijuana, has virtually lost control of this program.

Released quietly this week, the audit report found that Veterans Affairs Canada is spending more on medicinal marijuana than on all other prescription drugs combined, as demand has skyrocketed in recent years.


Yet the report highlights the lack of research on the therapeutic benefits – and risks – associated with cannabis for veterans, especially those who suffer from psychological trauma.

The x27;audit revealed serious shortcomings and problems in the way the ministry manages this program, which cost $150 million in the last fiscal year and is expected to cost double in 2025-26.

In particular, the report highlights a lack of direction and oversight regarding veterans' eligibility for medical marijuana, the conditions for which this drug is prescribed, and how veterans obtain a prescription.

The report's authors believe that the federal government should establish appropriate guidelines, while investing in research, to protect vulnerable veterans and ensure the safety of veterans. management of public funds.

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