Our lives will be made unpleasant by rapid changes in the atmosphere. The long-term forecast is not optimistic

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Our country is located in a region where the weather can change from moment to moment.

Rapid atmospheric changes will make our lives miserable. The long-term forecast is not optimistic

Long-term weather forecasts are based on a series of data collected over a period of time. They are quite conventional in the case of Poland, as the weather conditions in our country are very changeable.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management presented a long-term weather forecast

This is not good news for the inhabitants of Poland, as the weather forecasts include rapid changes in weather conditions, which may be effective destroy many plans in millions of Poles.

As it turns out, the second half of September will be extremely dynamic and will not resemble the passing first half of the month, in which cyclones are still hampered by anticyclones separating us for some time from incoming than & oacute; in.

According to Super Express, the consecutive days and weeks will be seasoned with changeable weather conditions, due to the lowlands that are breaking over our country. It will cause more rain, sleet, snow and hail. In addition, we can expect numerous Alerts from the Government Security Center related to gusts of wind, storms and heavy rainfall.

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