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"At the end of breath

The Restos de Cœeur have announced this Wednesday, October 4 that they will no longer be able to provide food aid to all their beneficiaries at the same time from November 2023, due to lack of resources.

"We are going to refuse people for the first time in the history of Restos du Cœur.". The news was made with reluctantly by the delegate general of the association, Jean-Yves Troy, this Wednesday, October 4 in front of the members of the National Assembly. The number of beneficiaries will be reduced from the month of November. The organization had expressed its difficulties since the start of the school year in September and had warned that without sufficient help she would have to reconsider again. the reduction in aid distributed for next winter.

If the Restos du Cœur were able to count on generous donations sent after their distress appeal, they can no longer meet the needs of the increasing number of beneficiaries. more numerous. Volunteers are "" out of breath" and the association suffers from costs which increase during periods of inflation. The association is no longer “humanely tailored”; to respond to questions its mission according to its representative: "The Restos du Cœur are not sized today to distribute 170 million meals, to accommodate 1.3 million people, or 200,000  more in a year. An observation that is imposed on the volunteer, despite the fact that the 100,000 people engaged regularly or occasionally with the association.

Difficulties for the years to come. come

Forced to review one's abilities to the decline, the association does not abandon its missions. Beneficiaries will be able to continue to be welcomed, but “the criteria for access to them are different.” “food aid”, notably the level of income, will be reviewed accordingly. the decline. Grants allocated to beneficiaries will also be reduced. These changes are already happening. an admission of failure, but above all evocative of a "brutal and massive" for Jean-Yves Troy.

The announcements made by the delegate The general statement of the Restos du Coeur before the National Assembly is valid for the winter of 2023, but the man does not look forward to the years to come. come. It is impossible to know the capacity of the device. from organization to complete its budget for the coming years, since it is largely dependent on donations received.

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