“Out of the spectrum of democracy”: the President of Latvia wants to deprive citizenship for supporting the aggression of the Russian Federation


According to President Egils Levits, democracy must protect itself from people with different political views. Russians in Latvia need to decide which side they are on, he believes.

Latvian President Egils Levits believes that those Russians in Latvia who support Russia's military aggression against Ukraine are “outside the spectrum of democracy.” He stated this in an interview with the Russian TV channel RTVi.

“I think that the Russians living in Latvia should take a certain position. And most of them did. Because in such a situation, no neutrality effect is possible. If he is neutral, it means that he did not understand the essence of the matter,” the head of state commented in particular.

According to Levits, among the Russians in Latvia there is a pro-Ukrainian part, but there are also people who “still did not understand what was happening” and only move in that direction. At the same time, there remains a minority that supports Russian aggression.

“This means that they are outside the spectrum of democracy, because the democratic spectrum is based on ideas of justice,” the politician commented.

Answering a question about the deprivation of citizenship of Russians in Latvia, the President said that this is possible for that stratum who has dual – Latvian and Russian – citizenship. And at present, there is indeed a corresponding bill in the Seimas.

At the same time, Levits is sure that “democracy must be able to defend itself” from people with other political views, especially from those who aggressively promote these views .


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