Outage at Rogers: Companies will have to help each other in an emergency


Failure at Rogers: companies will have to help each other in an emergency

Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne has asked telecommunications companies to agree within 60 days on roaming in situation assistance, assistance during blackouts and a communication protocol to better inform Canadians and authorities in the event of an emergency.

It also says that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) will investigate the Rogers outage.

Mr. Champagne made the announcement on Twitter today after meeting with leaders of the nation's major telecommunications companies following the massive Rogers network outage late last week. /p>

The minister said the outage was unacceptable and that his announcement is only a first step by his government because Canadians deserve better from their suppliers in this regard. which relates to the quality and reliability of service.

He says he will ensure businesses meet the high standards that Canadians expect, including improving competition, innovation and affordability.

The widespread Rogers service outage began Friday morning and lasted at least 15 hours.


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