Over a million images of plates taken at borders have been 'compromised'

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Over a million border plate images have been “compromised”

Federal Privacy Commissioner privacy says a data breach involved up to 1.38 million license plate images captured at borders.

The federal privacy commissioner says a data breach at a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) contractor involved up to 1.38 million people. #x27;images of license plates captured at borders.

In a report released Thursday, the Office of the Commissioner cites inconsistencies in the way the Border Services Agency of Canada manages information on license plates and deplores a lack of security measures surrounding this management.

The Privacy Commissioner had opened his investigation following media reports in 2019 of a cyberattack on a third-party contractor based in the United States and used by both the agency border crossing and its U.S. counterpart.

At the time, the CBSA told our Office that the breach involved approximately 9,000 license plate images. registration taken when travelers entered Canada through the Cornwall, Ontario border crossing.

However, our Office's investigation revealed that the number of images of license plates compromised in the breach was much higher than the 9,000 originally reported – or almost 1.4 million images.

The report states that, of this number, approximately 11,000 images have been published in the underground web – the dark web, dark and underground areas of x27;Internet.

The OIC recommended that the CBSA revise the contract with its service provider to clearly specify that license plate data constitutes personal information and that appropriate safeguards are required with respect to the retention, use, access and destruction of the data.

It is essential that institutions establish whether the data processed by a contractor constitutes personal information and that they specify it. ent in contracts.

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