Over mask: the woman decided to flee from the coronavirus in a giraffe (video)

Закончились маски: женщина решила спасаться от коронавируса в костюме жирафа (видео)

Looks like the party of “Servant of the people” was something right in suspecting marketers manufacturers of medical masks of involvement in fanning the hysteria about the epidemic of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV.

For example, in some cities of China is over a medical mask, and prices for the remaining stocks skyrocketed.

Not help in this case, and the repressive measures taken by local authorities: when it is about insane profit, merchants are incredibly courageous and take risks.

In addition, it is not always medical masks can be found in the trading network, as many shops are closed due to the epidemic.

So the locals are forced to seek rescue funds.

So, miss Ho had to go in the hospital to the father medication, and the mask she could not get it, therefore, came to the hospital in an inflatable giraffe, writes the Daily Star.

One can only imagine how it was watching people on the street and patients in the hospital.

But an even greater shock, the Chinese probably felt when miss Ho had to wash the giraffe, for lack of a mask, she went shopping in the suit of an alien.

. At the same time, 8096 people were able to overcome the disease and was discharged from the hospital.

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