Over the Baltic States under threat: what will be discussed at the NATO summit, and what they argue

Над странами Балтии нависла угроза: что обсудят на саммите НАТО, а о чем будут спорить

On Tuesday, December 3, in London kicks off a two-day NATO summit to mark the 70th anniversary of this military-political bloc. The participants gather in the British capital. The first day of the summit — purely ceremonial. In the evening there will be an official reception at Buckingham Palace. The leaders of 29 countries of the NATO will make Queen Elizabeth II.

In addition to her British Royal family will be present at the Banquet, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla. But other close relatives of Her Majesty at the event will not. Husband of Elizabeth Philip has long been retired. Prince William is on a tour of the Middle East. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle took a six-week holiday from the performance of public duties. Prince Andrew resigned from all authority in late November in connection with loud sex scandal — the son of the Queen gave an interview in which extremely unsuccessfully attempted to justify your relationship with American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and unconvincing denied a sexual relationship with a minor.

To be honest, British politicians are now not before the NATO summit. They are preparing for early parliamentary elections. The vote will take place on 12 December. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, of course, will take part in the jubilee meeting, but all his thoughts are occupied with pre-election struggle. Understand this and the British allies. So nobody expects Johnson some important statements and active participation in discussions.

A heated debate is inevitable. To its 70th anniversary, the North Atlantic Alliance came torn by internal contradictions. List the most important of them.

As President of the United States, Donald trump immediately struck with a sharp criticism of European NATO allies. He repeatedly stated that the United States, the Alliance has lost its former importance. Trump accuses European countries is that they become freeloaders. Saddled with all the problems associated with the issues of external security, in the United States. Americans are the top spenders on defense, with most of all make a budget and NATO. Trump requires a revision of the financial relations between the members of the Alliance.

European leaders and experts are concerned that the 45th President of the United States applies to NATO as a kind of commercial transaction. And they told him about it. But trump stands his ground. His point of view can not change the fact that even in 2014, long before he became President, the leaders of NATO countries agreed that the need to increase financial contributions to the General budget of the Alliance, and should allocate more for defence. It was agreed that by 2024, every country needs to bring the defense article of the state budget to 2 per cent from the runway.

In June was published the financial report of NATO. He showed that at the moment, 2 percent allocate only seven countries — USA, UK, Greece, Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The rest are still far from this mark. Then trump wrote in his Twitter that it was unfair to his country. There is no doubt that the London summit, the American President will again raise this painful issue.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg believed that he was ready for it. He recently introduced a new formula for calculating contributions to the General budget of the Alliance. Its introduction will reduce the share of the United States more than $ 100 million. The contributions of Germany, which particularly criticizes trump, by contrast, will increase to 16.35 per cent of the total NATO budget. USA and Germany will pay equal contributions. Agreed to increase their share and the rest of the country.

But then shortly before the jubilee summit of a nasty surprise Stoltenberg presented the President of France Emmanuel macron. At a joint press conference with Stoltenberg in Paris, he said: “We need to rethink the role of NATO… Yet the related issues are not resolved, let’s not talk about cost-sharing, burden-sharing and the like.”

Macron sharply criticizes NATO for a whole month. In early November, the President of France in a controversial interview said that the Alliance came “brain death”. In this condition, in his opinion, the unit brought the inefficiency of the fifth article of the NATO Charter on mutual defense. Macron not sure that it will be applied in the case.

“We have uncoordinated aggressive actions of NATO ally — Turkey. And it is in Syria, the area where at stake is our interests. And if the Assad regime decides in response to hit Turkey, we will join in the conflict within NATO? This is the most important issue,” — said in an interview with the macron. He further noted that President trump also allows itself in Syria, to take an inconsistent, thereby undermining NATO’s unity.

An apology from the Macron on the eve of the London summit were not wanted. But his press conference with Stoltenberg, only added fuel to the fire. The French leader urged the allies to decide “Who is our enemy?”. And he answered this question. Macron believes that the main danger to NATO is not Russia, not China, whose rapid growth in the field of arms are the concern of the United States and several other countries, and international terrorism. Without cooperation with Russia, without improving relations with Moscow, said the President of France, the fight against terrorists will be ineffective.

And here in this question macron unexpectedly found support in the face of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. However, he pursues his goal. Erdogan threatens to refuse to sign a new plan of defence of the Baltic States and Poland, which are strongly urging NATO to strengthen the Eastern border of the Alliance in connection with the aggressive policy of Russia. The Turkish leader is blackmailing allies. , Facebook and Twitter

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