Overflow in emergencies: the crisis cell of Quebec arouses criticism

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Overflow in emergencies: the crisis unit of Quebec arouses criticism

Québec solidaire says mandatory nurse overtime is still a problem in Quebec emergency rooms.

The Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, announced the creation of a crisis unit for emergencies on October 26. Nearly a month later, many believe that the effects of this initiative are slow to be felt, while the emergency room situation is getting worse day by day, a few weeks before the holiday season.

Among the critics of the crisis unit of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) government, the deputies of Québec solidaire, who accuse Minister Dubé of being disconnected from the network.

Everything I hear from Mr. Dubé, he always says it against what we have been hearing on the ground for a long time, launched the spokesperson for Quebec solidaire in terms of health, Vincent Marissal. The crisis cell, he set it up in a hurry because there was a crisis, afterwards he realized that there were not enough people on it.

It' is a matter of days, replied Christian Dubé on Wednesday morning, wanting to be reassured and promising results before Christmas. It's not going fast enough, but at the same time, I have to listen to the recommendations, he defended himself.

“We have to make sure that the recommendations that are made, we can implement them properly. These checks are being done right now. »

— Christian Dubé, Quebec Minister of Health

Quebec Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, announced the creation of a crisis unit for emergencies on October 26.

He added that he had asked on Wednesday morning if it was possible to ask hospitals to free up beds on the floors to unclog the emergency rooms, but that is not done by shouting "scissors" .

There are things that need to be put in place, it takes some time, added his colleague Sonia Bélanger, Minister for Health and Seniors. But I am very satisfied and we are going to work in particular for home support, we are doing that.

Vincent Marissal fears despite everything that Minister Dubé will miss the target with the crisis cell. The solidarity deputy has been touring the emergency rooms of Quebec for a few weeks and ensures that the nurses he has met say they are not being listened to, and they are at the heart of the crisis.

You set foot in an emergency room in Quebec and the first thing people will tell you is the mandatory overtime (TSO). We must send more than a pious wish that we will put an end to the TSO, it takes a plan with a timetable. That means putting an end to placement agencies.

The solution, according to Vincent Marissal? Pushing private agencies into unfavorable quarters, which Minister Dubé does not do, he argues.

Day nurses are constantly being "bumped" to evening and night shifts because the agencies […] know the manager is in trouble and say, “Yes, yes I'll give you nurses, any number you want, but I'll take the numbers I want”.

“It's been that the girl, she's been sweating blood and water for 12 years emergency, she leaves in the evening or at night, and so much the worse for her family.

— Vincent Marissal, Québec solidaire health spokesperson

Vincent Marissal is spokesperson for Québec solidaire on health matters.

He there have never been so many nurses in Quebec, the problem is that they are treated badly in our public health system, added the co-spokesperson for Quebec solidaire Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois. There will be no solution that will work in health care in Quebec as long as we don't take care of the people who work in our health care system.

We can't wait for the nurses to end [compulsory overtime], added Prime Minister François Legault, who maintains that the situation is the same in other Canadian provinces. Everyone is doing their best, but obviously there is a shortage of nurses and we cannot train them overnight.

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