Overwatch 2 launch disrupted by DDoS attack, Blizzard says

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Overwatch 2 launch disrupted by DDoS attack, says Blizzard

Players have been having trouble logging into the new shooter “Overwatch 2” since its launch on Tuesday.

If you're having trouble launching a game of the new Overwatch 2 video game, you're not alone: ​​shooter developer Blizzard, reported that a “massive DDoS attack” was preventing players from connecting to servers.

A DDoS attack aims to overwhelm a network of servers with a wave of traffic in order to disrupt it. People told the specialized site Tech Radar that they had been placed in a queue for four hours, along with some 50,000 other players. Others were even disconnected from the site after the wait was over.

Other issues also occurred, including server errors related to console account merge and of pc. Certain virtual costumes and other cosmetics unlocked through encounters were also not displaying in collections across multiple accounts, a bug noted by Blizzard.

The teams are working hard to mitigate and manage the issues, Blizzard president Mike Ybarra said on Twitter hours after the game launched on Tuesday. The developer later listed the bugs on their forum, and mentioned that they will let the fan community know when a fix is ​​ready.

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Instavideasts (streamers) still managed to play Overwatch 2 on Tuesday, according to what we can see on the Twitch streaming site. Internet users have notably been able to bypass the queues by connecting to the game's Asian servers, which are less overwhelmed.

Blizzard disconnected the servers of the first opus in the series on October 2 in order to to leave room for its sequel, available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

With information from Tech Radar, and The Verge

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