Page Six: Ben Affleck disappointed with Jennifer Lopez honeymoon over paparazzi attention


    Page Six: Ben Affleck disappointed with Jennifer Lopez honeymoon due to paparazzi attention

    Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

    Insider told Page Six that Ben Affleck was unhappy with his honeymoon with Jennifer Lopez in Paris, where they went after the wedding: the couple suffered from the obsessive attention of the paparazzi. Ben was terrified in Paris. The paparazzi have gone to a whole new level. He even felt like Princess Diana,— said the insider.

    The source of the publication noted that although Affleck was accustomed to camera flashes, it was difficult for him to remain calm this time. Lopez herself reacted calmer to the insistent attention of street photographers.

    Jen seemed to be made of steel and took it calmer, but Ben is still angry. It's not the first time that press obsession has become a problem for the couple. So, in 2002, they even postponed the wedding due to increased attention to them, and then completely canceled it.

    In addition, according to Jennifer Lopez, the intrusive attention to their romance, not least led to parting.

    Despite this, last year the couple resumed their relationship, and in the spring it became known about their engagement. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck recently got married in Las Vegas. In addition, according to insiders, the couple plans to arrange a celebration on the occasion of the wedding, but it is not known when it will take place.


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