Paint the walls and wait for dismissal: AvtoVAZ workers complained to Putin about the management


Painting the walls and waiting for dismissal: AvtoVAZ workers complained to Putin about the management

The AvtoVAZ plant in Izhevsk has not produced Lada Vesta for 5 months, and its workers are painting the walls and collecting garbage . The company's management decided to move production to Tolyatti, which will lead to a reduction of 70% of the staff.

Employees of the AvtoVAZ plant in Izhevsk wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin. In it, they expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of the company's management, which led to a downtime of the enterprise. The text of the letter was published on the page of the primary trade union organization “IzhAvto” in VK.

The staff of the enterprise in Izhevsk complains that it has not been working for 5 months, and they are painting the walls, cutting the grass and collecting garbage. In the near future, the plant will be launched, but only 240 Lada Vesta will be assembled from the components remaining in the warehouse.

 They paint the walls and wait for their dismissal: AvtoVAZ workers complained to Putin about the management

Then the conveyor will be stopped again and the production of Vesta will be transferred to the main enterprise in Togliatti. In Izhevsk, they want to assemble the Lada Largus electric car, which is still only in the project.

It is against these plans of the new leadership of AvtoVAZ that the plant staff in Izhevsk is protesting. The workers understand that they can forget about the release of Largus in the coming years and soon the staff will be reduced.

“It turns out that the top management of AvtoVAZ is deliberately deceiving. They are going to pick up our Vesta, take out the equipment, and we keep the promise to produce the electric “Largus”, which today exists only on paper. In order for this launch to take place, it takes 2-3 years of hard work. Plus, based on the sales statistics of electric cars, the market will not be able to digest more than a thousand of these cars. And this means that the staff of the Izhevsk Automobile Plant, which today has about 3,000 people, will need to be reduced by 70%,” the open letter says.


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