Papal visit: Marc Miller 'very worried' about displacement of residential school survivors


Papal visit: Marc Miller “very concerned” about displacement of residential school survivors

Marc Miller, Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations.

As the Pope's visit to Canada is fast approaching, the Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations, Marc Miller, says he is concerned about the travel and accompaniment of Indigenous elders coming to see the Holy Father from all over the country. country.

I have concerns, quite frankly. We are talking about people who are quite advanced in age. These trips in the middle of summer, especially with what we see in airports, that worries me immensely, he said on Tuesday.

The Government of Canada has promised to fund travel for residential school survivors who wish to attend Pope Francis' visit. The Sovereign Pontiff will visit Edmonton, Iqaluit and Quebec City from July 24 to 29.

Our role is to accompany these people, provide financial support to communities who wish send theirs. […] I expect this organization to be impeccable, but as long as I don't have that comfort, I will always be worried, says Marc Miller.

On April 1, during a visit by a delegation of First Nations, Métis and Inuit to the Vatican, the Holy Father apologized to the Indigenous peoples for the mistreatment they suffered at the hands of of members of the Catholic Church. The delegation asked Pope Francis to do the same on Canadian soil, with survivors of residential schools for Aboriginal people.

Seniors need support and props to be able to hear the Pope's apology, but most importantly, to stay physically and mentally healthy on this trip, says Crown Relations Minister -Indigenous people.

It takes an effort from all the organizers, whether it is the religious bodies that take care of it, for it to be in the background , the federal government or the communities themselves, who know very well how to protect their elders, argues Marc Miller.

Just hearing the words, I apologize, must have a very big effect on someone who's been expecting it for decades, he adds.

It's not the answer to everything. There are certainly people who don't want to know, but there are many people for whom this is a very significant moment in the history of Canada and in the road to recovery itself.


This visit by Pope Francis will mark the fourth trip of a pontiff to Canada.

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