Paramedic unknowingly rescues her own daughter, who later dies

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A paramedic unknowingly rescues her own daughter, who later dies

“My worst nightmare as a paramedic has come true. »

On November 15, Paramedic Jayme Erickson was called to the scene of a traffic accident.

Last week, Jayme Erickson, an Alberta paramedic, went to the scene of a car accident and stayed with a teenage girl with serious injuries who was trapped in a vehicle. Upon returning home, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) told her the terrible news: the paramedic had actually assisted her own daughter, Montana Dobry, who later died.

At the end of the afternoon of November 15, paramedic Jayme Erickson and her colleague Richard Reed traveled to Airdrie, north of Calgary, to help the victims of a car accident.

Two young women were returning from Big Hill Springs Provincial Park when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The car then hit a truck traveling in the opposite direction. The driver was able to exit the vehicle, but the passenger remained trapped inside the passenger compartment, sustaining major injuries that rendered her unrecognizable.

After more than 20 minutes of being treated by the two paramedics, the teenager is airlifted by helicopter to Foothills Medical Center.

It was not until she got home that Jayme Erickson learned that the seriously injured patient she had just treated was her daughter.

A few minutes after I arrived at the house, my doorbell rang. My life has changed completely. The RCMP came to inform me that my daughter had been the victim of an accident. The critically ill patient I treated was flesh of my own flesh, she explained in a Facebook post a few days later.

Montana Dobry was rescued by her paramedic mother, but the injuries she sustained left her unrecognizable.

His 17-year-old daughter, Montana Dobry, has been pronounced dead in hospital.

“She was a fighter, and she fought until the day she died. »

— Jayme Erickson, mother of Montana Dobry

The teenager competed in swimming and dreamed of being a lawyer, according to her mother. Sometimes I would read what she wrote and ask her, “Did you copy that?”, because she was so eloquent and creative, says Jayme Erickson with emotion, adding that ;she wonders what the future would have held for her daughter.

Jayme Erickson's husband and adoptive father from Montana, who is also a paramedic, says the incident shocked the entire first responder community in the province.

Montana was on the organ donation registry, and her death resulted in two donations being made. Through this tragedy, she also saved lives. We know that's what she would have wanted and we are proud of her. She will be missed, her mother concluded.

With information from Jade Markus

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